Are you a founder
who hates sales?

The Founder Sales Sprint helps founders, freelancers and solopreneurs win better customers with a proven sales approach that leverages your inherent sales capabilities.

Is this familiar?

Are you struggling to get traction in your sales efforts?

Having trouble getting in front of the right prospects?

Can't engage with prospects in a meaningful way?

Or are you getting stalled and can't advance the sale forward?

The Founder Sales Sprint program is specifically designed for the early-stage founder, solopreneur or consultant looking to:
dramatically accelerate their sales effectiveness,address the typical early-stage sales challenges the founders and non-sales entrepreneurs often face, orsimply get better at selling and don't know where to start.
We focus on the specific needs and issues facing the early-stage founder and technical leader that recognizes the importance of sales effectiveness. This course focuses on sales fundamentals, process, and mindset.

Why we get results

I'm a fellow startup founder, which means I've lived through the same challenges, issues and opportunities that you're facing in real-time. And I've had to deal with remote selling, COVID, budget constraints and all the other market forces that are impacting your own business.

Because I've been where you are, I know how to overcome the obstacles and challenges you're facing right now. I've sold into enterprise and B2B accounts, worked for VC-backed and bootstrapped startups, and sold across telecom, healthcare, pharma and financial services.

And I've spent over ten years as a sales and marketing consultant to startup companies. And coached technical founders on sales process, strategy and mindset.

Most importantly, I can teach you to distill your customer buying process and focus your inherent sales capabilities to enable you to get more and better customers in less time.

How it works

Structured as a five-week sprint, our commitment is to have you achieve specific, measurable and meaningful sales objectives each week.

Every session is designed to make you more successful at sales. We accomplish this with a combination of both the specific training and coaching you need to address your specific sales challenges and develop and reinforce the key fundamentals that will power your long-term sales success.

The specific program elements include:

Assessment - We start with you. Who you are, what you are building, where do you want to be, and what is in your way? Understanding these key elements, we use the Founder Sales Sprint structure to apply the right sales strategy and tactics to develop you and your business.

One-on-One Working Sessions - Each week includes a focused, objective based coaching/training session with specific sales targets and metrics. Pipeline development, call review, sales process development, customer qualification, and deal flow will be core elements of each One-on-One session.

Group Workshops – Each week's workshop session will focus on 1) sales training designed to cover key sales fundamentals for founders, and 2) open discussion/Q&A among the Founder Sales Sprint cohort.

Educational Videos - As a participant in the Founder Sales Sprint program, you have access to our sales video series. These training videos are short, specific, and actionable segments tailored to the common sales challenges that founders and solopreneurs face.

The Founder Sales Toolkit - Each Founder Sales Sprint participant is granted access to an extensive array of sales tools, templates, and other supporting materials. A core fundamental of the Founder Sales philosophy is a focus on efficiency, constant learning and improvement, and repeatability. Thus, the Sales Toolkit.

BONUS > Post-Sprint Coaching Sessions - Because your success is critical to our success, and because transformation and growth take time and need reinforcement, we will conduct post-Sprint coaching sessions at two weeks and four weeks after your completion of the Founder Sales Sprint program. These one-on-one sessions are yours to direct and focus on the sales or business challenges/opportunities specific to your business.

Week-by-week breakdown

Assessment - Initial call/survey to understand your business, objectives, challenges and goals.

Result/Deliverables - A Sales Sprint action plan specific to your needs and business.

Foundation - Emphasis on sales mindset, your sales objectives and your customer offer to leverage the founder sales role.

Result/Deliverables - Empowered understanding of your unique sales strengths, clarity of purpose, and ability to address resistance.

Your Sales Plan - Determine your Ideal Customer targets, key messaging, sales metrics.

Result/Deliverables - A sales strategy and action plan grounded in reality and ready to execute.

Sales Discovery and Presentation - Develop and practice techniques to engage, qualify, and advance customers through your sales pipeline.

Result/Deliverables - Improve the accuracy and velocity of your pipeline, and add at least one new qualified prospect.

Getting to Customer Success - Increase sales momentum, enhance your qualification skills, and begine the process for customer success.

Result/Deliverables - A sales approach that is both sales-effective and client-centric. And at least one new qualified prospect and overall pipeline acceleration towards contract.

Continuing Momentum / Review - Evaluate areas for future development and your ongoing sales strategy. Assess strengths and progress, and key metrics/goals for future coaching sessions.

Result/Deliverables - Clear, measurable momentum towards the goals established in the Assessment phase. Real pipeline growth by >25%.

We expect success

This program is different. We don't cram a bunch of tips, techniques and lessons into a few days. Or run it as a self-paced video course.

That is because transformation and growth take time. And because it takes time to identify prospects, schedule calls, conduct follow up and move customers through the sales process.

We cover a lot of ground, and you'll learn a lot about sales. And you will want to practice it in multiple situations, try different approaches, get feedback and guidance, and develop your skills.

And it's demanding. We expect you to attend, do the work, and report your progress. Every week.
So, is this program for you? Ask yourself these questions.

Are you confident in your sales ability?Are you happy with your sales momentum today?Are you winning the customers you want, the ones that advance and enhance your business?Or are you struggling with the qualification process, or with customer conversations that aren't moving forward?
Being an early-stage founder isn't easy. You have lots of distractions, responsibilities, and are being pulled in a lot of directions. But to stay in the game, sales has to be a priority.

The Founder Sales Sprint program is designed to make you the efficient and effective sales leader that your company needs. One that knows how to generate predictable, sustainable revenue and win the right customers for your business.

Because that if that is your priority, this could be what you're looking for.

Apply here and let's find out.

What people say

“When it comes to demystifying the B2B sales process and coaching entrepreneurs to reach their potential, Brendan is your first choice. He has lived and breathed early-stage sales, consulting and training startups on every aspect of the customer acquisition process. He's the right guy to help you get the right customers and better revenue.”

Joe Valenti
Founder & CEO, BrokrBindr

Our guarantee

We fundamentally believe that customers aren't really customers unless they're happy and referenceable. And our success as a sales coaching and training program is measured by your success. To help ensure that, we do two things.

First,  we'll determine if you are a good fit for the program during the assessment phase. Not everyone is ready to enter into the SF Sprint program, and it isn't a good use of your time and energy if it's not a good fit for you.

Second, we will refund your money if you're not able to get value out of the program. We're that confident in our program and our ability to assess good candidates.

But ultimately, your opinion is the only one that matters, so if you're not happy we'll refund your course fee. No questions asked, and no hard feelings.

Get your revenue started

If you're a founder or solopreneur for whom customer acquisition and revenue growth are your priority, you know how important it is to be effective at sales. Consider the Founder Sales Sprint program.

Click below to apply and let's see if you're ready to accelerate your sales momentum.